Is your pet a fire hazard?

With your new Pet Access Door, most likely your pet will have more access to the house as well. Its time to think about fire safety and protecting your dog!

Barbeques and fireworks aren’t the only fire hazards out there, and the National Fire Protection Association estimates that 1,000 house fires are started every year by pets. Take a couple minutes to use these 3 fire safety tips to reduce your chance of a fire, and to keep your dog safe.


The Stove

The stove is the number one place a pet is likely to start a fire. Removing stove knobs, or using safety devices is a great way to make sure your dog isn’t knocking on . . . → Read More →

Tips and Tricks for installing Pet Doors

Here are some tips, for when you’re installing your Pet Access door in Walls and Doors:


It’s easier to use the flat surface of the door, without the bumps and ridges. Watch for plumbing and electrical!! Check the basement to see if there are any cords running upstairs, and outside for electrical outlets and faucets Stay away 8” from the left and right of windows, doors, corners of the house – these parts are load-baring areas, filled with metal rebar, concrete & studs. Under a window is okay. Cut from the outside to avoid a mess indoors. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, please call a Handyman to avoid damage.


Do you have more helpful tips? . . . → Read More →

10 Dog door facts you probably didn’t know


Sir Issac Netwon is credited as the inventor of the first pet door. It was designed for his cat, and his invention was referred to as a “cat flap


A common fear is that a burglar will break in by coming in the pet door. Safety is a top priority for is, we have security features such as locks and security plates, as well as an electronic door with an tampered-with alarm. Your dog will be more likely to use a dog door for the first time if they see someone else do it. So unless you have a door trained dog already, get down on your knees and show them how to do . . . → Read More →

How to safely let your indoor cat outside

With their natural stalk-and-hunt nature, it’s easy to feel guilty about keeping your cat safe indoors. However, statistics indicate that the life span ofcats-dens an indoor cat is much longer then those of an outdoor cat, 12-20 years indoors, whereas an outdoor has life expectancy of less then 7 years. Most dangers are directly related to the health and safety of the cat, for example:


Traffic – busy roads, highway and suburban streets, one accident can be fatal. Poisons – pesticides, home garden products, car and motor products, discarded trash, spoiled foods and poisonous plants. Infectious disease- Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) are transmitted from one . . . → Read More →

Springtime Safety for your Animals

Well, its official. Spring is here. The weather is beautiful and our pets are begging us to go out. Those of you with Pet Access doors have it easy, your pet can stroll in and out, enjoy the sunshine, come back in for air conditioning, and then go back out. Unfortunately, letting your animals have unsupervised access to the outdoors can cause some problems you didn’t anticipate.

We don’t want you to be discouraged from getting a pet door, cause really, they’re awesome.

That’s why we made this list of Springtime Safety Tips.

 Holes in the ground- Weather, bugs and rodents can cause holes or divots in the yard, which are hard to detect under all . . . → Read More →

Tired of being interrupted?

PlexiDor (Wall) DogOutside

How about having to stand out in the cold, with the door propped open, waiting for your dog? Pets making a mess in the house, whether it is tearing up the sofa, your shoes, his toys and even elimination in the house? Do you finally want a full nights sleep, without the mess in the morning?

Sounds like you need a pet access door! It will eliminate the need to get up 1000 times in your day (and night) to let your pup in and out. You’ll save on energy, cause there will be no more door left open while waiting. A pet door will reduce the . . . → Read More →

Burglars and Pet Access doors

Many people have lots of questions when enquiring about a Pet Access door, but the most common one is:

What if a burglar comes through my pet door?

It’s a terrifying thought, I know. Having the safety of your home compromised by something you thought was going to be such help for you and your pet. This was a huge concern for me as well, so I decided to look into it! This is what I found:

If a crook is going to break in, he’s going to do it regardless if you have a pet door. There are 3 kinds of burglars: The Professional, the Semi-Pro and . . . → Read More →