Pet Wheelchair Rentals

Sick DogIt is not uncommon that you will only need your Walkin’ Wheels canine cart for a short time while your dog recovers.

If your animal hospital or rehabilitation facility doe’s not have Walkin’ Wheels available for rent to their clients and if you are interested in a short term use cart, up to about six weeks, please check with your veterinarian first and even your pet insurance company as it may even be covered, then we can help with your pets recovery.

If you need a wheel chair to help with your dog’s rehabilitation and recovery and don’t want to pay for a new cart, we have created a program that may help. While not quite a ‘dog wheelchair rental’, it is a way that you can use the product for a few weeks without having to purchase one.

Rental UnitMany people have asked for a rental program where they pay some amount per week while they use the cart. This is the kind of program we are encouraging your veterinarian to offer because he (or she) is local and knows you.

From a ‘mail-order’ company, though, there was no way we could make this work without requiring significant deposits and very complex and time-consuming management.

So we have designed our ‘rental’ program to be simple, straightforward, and easy to manage. It’s designed so that, if you need the wheelchair for four to six weeks, your cost is between $35 and $50 per week.

  1. You order a wheelchair and we charge your credit card the full retail price. It will be a ‘like new’ wheelchair, possibly with a few scratches. The full guarantee applies.
  2. We give you a guaranteed ‘buy-back agreement’. We’ll agree to buy the wheelchair back from you in six weeks for half what you paid, minus the shipping and the cost for rear straps which are non returnable for hygene reasons. If additional refurbishing is needed, there may be a small additional charge.
  3. If you keep it beyond six weeks, you can either do nothing and keep it to donate, or re-sell. Or if returned between 6-12 weeks a weekly charge will be deducted from your refund.

Many people choose to keep the wheelchair a little longer and re-sell it themselves on eBay or on our classifieds website — often getting more than the 50% we agreed to buy it back for.

How does our rental program compare?

Another wheelchair company has a cart rental program that involves:

$99 Deposit
$25.00 Processing Fee
$130.00 First Week Rental
$60.00 Second Week Rental
$60.00 Third Week Rental

Compared to the Walkin’ Wheels Rental Program: e.g. below

Cost If Returned After Week: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Walkin’ Wheels 200 200 200 200 200 200
Other Companies 250 310 370 430 490 550

Please make sure you tell us you’re looking for a Rental Unit when making your order or it will be treated as a new unit sale.

To get your rental unit, please call us at 778-808-7421

Andrew Phillips, Owner
Pet Access Solutions