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Patio Pet Doors

We Have 3 Choices for mounting a pet door into your patio door area and I have listed them below starting with the Best.

PlexiDor Glass Conversion Pet Door

1. PlexiDor Glass Conversion Pet Doors

Yes, pet doors can be installed in patio doors and the Plexidor Glass Conversion Pet Door was developed to accommodate homeowners who want to mount a Plexidor Pet Door into glass. We have specially designed our new glass mount to simplify the installation process. The Plexidor Pet Door will fit a variety of locations including:

Sliding Glass Patio Doors
● French Doors
● Stationary Windows

Window Mounted Cat Door

  • Your sliding door to slide, lock and function without any change.
  • Your screen to work normally.
  • Your locks and alarms to work without modification.
  • Maintains your door’s built-in efficiency. The system comes with new double or single pane tempered safety glass. Your weather stripping still lines up and seals properly.
  • Maintain full unobstructed view.
  • Easy to remove. If you sell your home or no longer have a pet, the original glass can be reinstalled in minutes.
  •  Security cover with deadlock adds security and is weather tight when closed.
  • The PlexiDor pet doors come in four sizes and features energy efficient double pane plexiglass panels which are spring loaded to prevent drafts. The solid aluminum frame is both durable and attractive.
  • Shipping is inexpensive as the glass is provided locally to you by your local dealer or installer.

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2. Freedom Patio Panel Pet DoorsPPA11-13122-w-dog

Simply the best and easiest to use pet patio door. Beautifully designed, high quality patio dog door panel inserts into the frame of your sliding glass door and automatically adjusts to the proper height. Pet Patio Door features

  • A heavy-duty aluminum frame,
  • sliding door weatherstrip and weather seal,
  • tempered safety glass,
  • energy conserving Ultraseal replaceable transparent flap,
  • multiple ceramic magnets ensure the flap always closes completely and the locking panel lets you restrict your pet’s use both inside and out.

Plus, our patio dog doors feature a reversible lock for right opening or left opening patio doors. Fits sliding glass door frame openings from 76 3/4″ to 81″

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3. Pet Safe Pet Screen DoorRPS3

Your furry friend loves to come and go at will. This swinging wire mesh door snaps directly onto your  existing screen door or window for quick and easy installation. The high-impact polypropylene frame includes a slide lock that will allow you to control your pal’s access.

Features and benefits

  • Fits any metal or plastic screen
  • Slide-lock included
  • Available in brown/bronze only
  • Door dimensions – 24 cm x 29 cm (9 1/2″ x 11 1/2″)
  • Flap opening dimensions – 20 cm x 23.5 cm (7 9/10″ x 9 1/4″)
  • Great for pets up to 13.6 kg (30 lb)

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Andrew Phillips, Owner
Pet Access Solutions